1. Product Review: J. Lawrence Private Label Wool Trousers

    Khaki’s of Carmel is one of the most diverse and colorful menswear stores that I’ve ever seen.  Inside, you’ll find high quality menswear goods from popular brands such as Boglioli, Etro, and Canali - all in a variety of colors and styles.  But in addition to these brands, Khaki’s of Carmel also houses its own line of clothing, the J. Lawrence Private Label, which Jim meticulously designs himself.  During my last visit to Khaki’s, Jim graciously gave me a pair of wool trousers to review.

    The trousers that I received were flat front, oxford grey, and made with 100% worsted wool.  I found the fabric to be lightweight and breathable, which makes them the perfect year-round pair of trousers for a temperate climate such as San Francisco.  In addition to being light, the wool also has a smooth finish, which makes these trousers very comfortable to wear.

    While the trousers seem simple in design, there’s a surprising amount of detail that went into them.  The trousers are constructed with a fly front that has an inside fastening tab and an exterior tab waist closure.  These features give the trousers a trimmer appearance when closed and allow the waist to sit straight.  Moreover, the trousers feature a split back waistband, which allows your tailor to take in or let out the waist if need be.  

    Inside, the trousers feature an inner two-piece pleated waist curtain, which helps the trousers sit more comfortably across your waistline and conform to the flaring of your hips to reduce stress on the seams.   Moreover, the interior piping and pockets are made from Italian oxford cloth and poplin.  All these details are the hallmarks of high quality trousers as many cheaper brands usually forgo them to cut costs.

    Above all, the most important to look for in a pair of trousers is the fit.  Compared to many modern trousers, the J. Lawrence Private Label has a more contemporary fit.  On my size 32” trousers, the leg opening is at 8” and the rise is around 11”.  In addition, I found that the legs do not taper as much, which give the trousers a more fuller, elegant look.  Overall, I feel that the J. Lawerence line of trousers has found the perfect balance between slim and contemporary fits.

    At the end of the day, I think the J. Lawrence Private Label wool trousers I received are fantastic.  They are made in America at a long-established tailor in Brooklyn and are well constructed with incredible fabric and excellent details.  At $250, many will see these trousers as an investment.  However, given their timeless design, these trousers are well worth it.

    You can find these wool trousers as well as many other fantastic items such as sports shirts and Edward Green shoes at Khaki’s of Carmel’s online store.  If you’re ever in Carmel, be sure to also stop into Khaki’s of Carmel.  Not only is the store wonderful and carries many fantastic items, Jim is incredibly friendly and approachable and I know he would love to spend time talking to you about menswear.

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