1. Skyline Chili

    One of the things I was really looking forward to while I was in Cincinnati was eating some chili.  Compared to most chili, Cincinnati’s regional style of chili is a bit sweeter due to seasonings such as cinnamon and chocolate.  In addition, the chili is often served with spaghetti or as a hot dog sauce.

    My girlfriend took me to one of Cincinnati’s most popular chili chains, Skyline Chili, which falls somewhere in between a fast food restaurant and a diner.  Most of the chili is being constantly made right before your eyes and will be promptly delivered to you within minutes of ordering.

    I ordered two of the restaurants specialty dishes: the five-way and a cheese coney.  Cincinnati chili orders are based on the number of ingredients and the number before the “way” indicates what is included in the order.  Thus, a five-way consists of chili, spaghetti, cheese, onions, and beans.  Meanwhile, a coney is your standard hot dog covered in chili, mustard, onions, and cheese.

    The chili itself was incredibly delicious and I thought the sweetness to it was just perfect.  Any more seasoning and I would have thought I was eating some sort of dessert.  For some reason, I also really enjoy the concept of eating chili with spaghetti.  Maybe I was feeling nostalgic about my early college years where I thought cooking was putting potato chips in my bologna sandwich, but the two really seemed to go together.  If I had to raise one complaint, I probably could have done without the copious amounts of cheese, but I honestly didn’t care that much.

    I’ve been told that if I like Skyline now, I would be in love with it after a night of drinking.  Skyline seems to recognize this as most of their restaurants are open til 3am.